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    P3Pro Still Images better than P4?

    No, not just yet. I could download them from the old app (with the P3Pro) but cannot download them through the new app. Is that just a lost feature?
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    P3Pro Still Images better than P4?

    Hello again! I recently sold my P3Pro to “upgrade” to the Phantom 4. However; the first thing I noticed was I can no longer download the “original photo” on the new app associated with the P4. Saved it anyways. Now, looking at the same areas (above my home) that I previously took photos with...
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    Motor Overload? P3Pro

    Hey everyone, I’m new to DJI. Previously used Yuneec and others. Anyways. Bought a used P3Pro from a good friend, and I went to use it today and got several error messages. Specifically; “motor overload; aircraft will begin to descend”. Something along those lines. I was slightly moving...