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    Getting your license

    Like others said there are many resources available. I bought a book off amazon for $20 and it passed both my initial exam and now my 2 year recurent exam. Study and you have a better chance for passing. Good luck.
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    A bit of a dilemma..

    I also find this tactic oddly satisfying. I get really happy when I am cussed out in a foreign language.
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    [[ SOLD ]]

    Has this sold yet?
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    Low flying jet almost wacked me

    Wow!! That was ridiculous. I live under wide open class G airspace. We have a group of 35 drone pilots and there are actually many more around. Our problem has been C-130s from an Air Force base that is nit even close by. They like to fly over our are and tour our little lakes. They are also...
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    I have been flying phantoms for 4 years. I started with the phantom 2+. I have never seen a Fake Phantom. I have only seen other companies try to resemble their design to a phantom There are however many. CHEAP CLONE drones of the MAVIC. Keep price in mind. Of the price is too good to be true...
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    P4 Firmware P4 update to v02.00.0810

    I have not fired mine up in about 2 weeks. I have been playing with thw other drones. I will watch for this when I do start it up again.
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    Radar problems

    My P4P did exactly the same thing the other day. I did everything you mentioned but nothing changed. Then suddenly all was good again. No explanation for It. It just fixed its self.
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    Can I fly at night now?

    Very nice. And I will watch from the beginning so I am current on other new info. Thank you all.
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    Can I fly at night now?

    I was being to find out that reading between the lines was the answer....and I can see the logic. If it is not prohibited then it's allowed.
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    Can I fly at night now?

    Thank you. I will send a question. I know so many people around my area that would love verification on this.
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    Can I fly at night now?

    That is what I am hearing. But I actually want to read it.
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    FAA Part 107 sUAS Recurrent Test ~

    I took the recurent 2 weeks ago. I passed and I am happy with my score.
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    Can I fly at night now?

    Hello all. I was unaware a recreational flyer could fly at night. So I downloaded the 2018 Reauthorization. I read several sections within specifically section 349. I did not see anything that said a recreation flyer could fly at night. Could someone point me in the right direction so I can...
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    THE DREADED YAW DRIFT. Seems many have this where...

    That is a horible to hear the replaced GPS did not correct the problem. Thanks for the guidance to the flight log guru's. Maybe some day DJI will address the problem. It did however take them almost 7 months to correct the 106 firmware release that grounded the p4 standard. So I guess we shall...
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    THE DREADED YAW DRIFT. Seems many have this where...

    Could you please direct me to whomever these guru's are so the may be able to help me read the flight logs. I would love to know if your replaced GPS modual has fixed the problem.