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    Fine tuning a waypoint mission

    When you have time . Using Litchi fly to the various waypoints and adjust them while you are there so that you have the right spots ( about 7 m above the points , so you are not terrified ) , then later adjust the heights of the waypoints . This has worked for me and in alot closer vegetation...
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    The Future of Phantom

    My little gem for this discussion is ... this is a chinese company . They don't have the same morals as a western company ,, and I am lead to believe there is no such thing as a private company ( as we understand the definitation ) in china . This is not anything else than an observation .
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    Phantom 3 Adv ESC part 96 with Older 2312 Motors

    Hi, could you tell me where the a,b,c is to be found on the mainboard? Thanks
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    P3a mainboard

    Yep . I have developed a very accident prone habit in my old age ... apparently
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    P3a mainboard

    That would be right ,but I have 4 good motors 2312a that I couldn't use in the future if anything goes wrong .
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    P3a mainboard

    What I have read is the new and old motors don't mix with the mainboards . New board new motor , old board old motors .
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    P3a mainboard

    Thanks , but that is for the old 2312 motors . I have already spoken to that guy . Thanks again .
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    P3a mainboard

    Wanted . P3a mainboard for 2312a motors . Would like it with everything attached .eg. motors , leds and battery cables , as my soldering skills are not as advanced as I would like them to be . I am in Australia so postage is a cost . Thanks for all help .
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    Phantom parts, whole birds, repairs

    Hi , I am after the mainboard for a p3a with the 2312a motors . Do you have one , preferably one with motors , leds and battery cable attached , so I don't have to use my very rudementry soldering skills ? Thanks , Craig