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    Run-in with Neighbor

    I was "scolded" last week while flying my P3 at a very low altitude, mostly due to the amount of trees, in a nature park where I had already cleared permission by the local PD to fly there. The intention of the flight was to capture some footage of the guy/dog teams in our service dog training...
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    Standard Mild Crash now wifi won't connect

    Thank you both for responding. I checked all connections and they seemed fine. I was able to just forget the wifi on my phone and input it again and it worked fine. Have flown it since with zero issues. When I lost gps and crashed I had only about 10 seconds in the whole event. I had just...
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    Standard Mild Crash now wifi won't connect

    Hello, Like a typical noob, I had a small crash with my Phantom 3. A storm rolled in and just as I took off, it seemed that I lost GPS and the drone took off on it's on. It wouldn't respond to remote commands and at an altitude of about 2 feet off the ground , it flew into a thin tree trunk...