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    Log in DJI Go app

    They will send you a code to verify your email address. Enter it and you'll be set
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    In need of replacement P4P

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    In need of replacement P4P

    Always tempted to reply to these requests, but just so hard to let go of one of my birds. Fear of flyaways or a mishap keeps them in the fold. Anyways, good luck on your next adventure. Hope you marked your drone with ph# they do return (from experience) 😃. If not, do it next time. Enjoy
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    Phantom 4 Pro

    Thank you.
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    Phantom 4 Pro

    Thanks for checking. Cycles would be helpful when you get a chance, just in case. Been in the machines before so considering. Battery value important 👍
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    phantom 4 pro V2

    Can probably sell your (+) remote w/screen for quite a bit more than the standard remote you want. Good luck
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    Phantom 4 Pro

    Interested. Batteries question. Looks like 2 high capacity (P4P) and 2 standard (P4) batteries? And as you said all at 30 cycles or less and by DJI? No swelling and charge correctly? Thank you much.
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    Phantom 4 pro v1 the app dji go 4 is not connected automatically

    Does app connect if you have Go 4 and remote turned on Before you turn on the P4P? Or have to unplug/replug usb each time to connect? Might help to refresh the app if it's missing a byte. It happens
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    Connecting DJI Goggles to Phantom 4 Pro std

    Nice simple explanation. Will be helpful to searchers. 👍
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    Litchi Mission Hub Flight Plans Not Linking to My Flight iPad

    Well worth posting. I've often told others where an answer was lurking if they just kept scrolling down. Glad it worked out. Fly safe, enjoy.
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    Phantom 4 Pro V2

    What, No pictures?....Lol Sorry, couldn't help it. Happy Holidays 😎
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    Flashing red lights after take off

    Getting on screen battery warnings? Checked for bad cells? Old enough drone that a good aftermarket battery might be a choice.
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    Camera and Video Quality: Phantom 4 Pro vs Mavic 3

    M3 only worth the expense if smaller/quieter is needed. Less expensive Mavic models might be suitable too. Still love my P4Ps though, hard to beat the pics/vids quality.
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    Litchi and Phantom 4 Pro +

    Read the entire post, explains the steps required, install Amazon Store on (+) remote and purchase Litchi there and install. More available using the search function (magnifying glass).