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    CARs Night Flight Requirements

    PReviously the proposed rules listed indicator strobes capable of being seen from several kilometers (red on left of craft and collission strobe, WHITE.) My interpretation of the law NOW, is as long as the lights can be seen by ppl on the ground, im good to fly. If youre concerned, you can pick...
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    DJI Phantom 4 Series Singled Out By Transport Canada

    DJI needs to contact transport canada, and specify they have tested the craft, and have deemed it safe to fly over crowds. Basically its government *** coverage, and any class action lawsuits resulting from an injury using DJI equipment falls on them, instead of transport canada for allowing the...
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    Canadas new restrictions on RPAS pilots, and where to fly in SE ontario

    Hey all, fairly new pilot here. Been flying for about 8 months on small under 300G flyers. recently got a steal of a deal on a P3s. June first is looming, and I am dreading the date. starting to maybe have a little buyers remorse. My understanding is, anything inside the gradiented purple line...