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    camera movement

    Hi thanks for the reply, no nothing at all, strange one to be honest Regards Michael
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    camera movement

    Hi guys just wondering of someone has any ideas about what could be the problem, recently when flying my p4 the camera seems to be movement very slightly from side to side. When I stop and hover it also seems to do it. When I place it on a level surface and move the drone the camera take a...
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    Aircraft encoder error

    Hi guy's, Hope you can help with this issue im having, p4 flew flawlessly up until now when I went to fly yesterday. Turned on the p4 and coming on as the p3 professional. Then all this stuff started happening, Aircraft encoder error, gimbal shake error, please see photos attached and hope...
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    Hi all, just wondering if any of you ever purchased from Quadrocopter or know anything of them. Regards Michael
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    Lough Gill, Ireland

    A beautiful sky over Lough Gill, Ireland
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    Hi, ya I press ot once and then again but it just won't stay on, thanks for your help and will dji support.Regards Michael
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    Ok I press once and then the second time as if I was turning it on , the lights light up individually and then they just turn off, so no it doesn't stay on
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    Ya I can press the button and the four lights come on and then go off after about three seconds
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    So do ya reckon its salvageable?
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    Hi thanks for the reply, when I landed it I turned it off straight away as I always do. There was one light still on. I put it back in the drone but no joy:(
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    Hiya thanks for the reply, ya the other batteries are charging fine, just this one wont charge for some reason, will try what you said and hope, regards Michael
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    Hi guys, I have a problem with one of my batteries on my p4. I had it out today and landed it with about 20% battery life left in it. I came home andthis evening plugged it in as usual to charge but no lights came on. I pressed the button and all lights come on for a few seconds and then go out...
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    Anyone entering DJI's SkyPixel contest?

    Hiya, Ya I would like too but can't seem to upload photos can you please explain how this is done. Sorry for the question Regards Michael
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    Early morning pictures

    Hiya thanks for liking, ya beautiful place, I love all these Autumn colors, the lake is surrounded by forestry beautiful :-)