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    PV vs AMP 450 or Disco Pro

    Just asking for any/all thoughts re the comparisons of the 3 Quads above. I know this is a Phantom forum...but we can discuss relative advantages of other choices? With a budget of $2-3k...and the need for steady video, gimbal, FPV....does anyone have experience of the AMP 450 or Disco Pro and...
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    DJI China misappropriated DJI North America's biz in total

    Re: DJI China misappropriated DJI North America's biz in tot Considering the disgraceful conduct of China, in it's attitude to many aspects of civilized society...( animal welfare, human rights, property rights, shark finning) this seems like normal behavior for them. I, for one, am buying a...
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    Insurance? (USA)

    Get yourself an Umbrella Liability Policy. Pretty good value. Adds onto the liability coverage you have via your home/car/biz careful....this is long as you're involved with LEGAL stuff, you'll be covered. For all non-USA guys...liability coverage crash and...
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    My future setup - waiting opinions

    As a beginner in all this RC stuff...I read a lot re. the liability / legal aspects of this game. Recently an article mentioned the 100% chance that, sooner or later, a UAV flying above 400ft will end up on the windshield of a private plane. When the dust settles....I hate to think of the check...
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    Blade Nano QX

    I'm planning on buying a Vision, once they get the bugs worked till then, I got a Nano QX to learn how to fly. As mentioned above, not as stable as Blade advertises...but very fun to fly. Battery life is really short, but the bats are cheap. I can't seem to get the rudder set...
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    % of owners with issues

    Thanking all who replied. Your obvious delight with the PV is encouraging.
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    Raleigh, NC

    Would love to get together and fly if you live in this area. Have yet to see a Phantom Vision around here.
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    % of owners with issues

    Like many, I'm impressed with what I see of the PV. BUT...still wary of buying, due to all this negativity about various issues. So, it occurred to me that there may be a huge % of owners who have no issues, or none worth talking about...and all we see here, are the poor folks at the outer...