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    Broken OFDM v2 SMD replacement

    I had ordered an OFDM v2 on ebay but one smd is missing. I wonder if somebody can tell me which smd I need to buy or if is there a way to measure what smd has been there. I would really appreciate your help.
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    Cannot link p3p to remote

    Also my friend who tried it out for me could fly with it with no problem. What did i do wrong and how can i fix that? (i checked the cables with multimeter and they seem fine but one of the wires is damaged. Also the connector is not in the best condition, maybe it cant provide a strong signal...
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    Cannot link p3p to remote

    I bought a second hand dji phantom 3 pro and when i turn the rc on it glows with red light. When i try to link the rc to the drone my phone says "remote controller signal weak" but i can put the rc into link mode. However my p3p just blinks 2 green and does nothing when i press the button on the...