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    Eta ate my P4

    Capt KO: Just remember - you can't put a price on a good time! Video will interesting to watch - 60 mph at low altitude had to have a ton of near misses along the way.:D
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    What's with the range of these?

    I have no knowledge of range on Mavics; I fly a P3P and most of my work is over water in bay, estuary, or a river tracking rowing shells. I use the antenna range extenders which are merely 3D printed plastic covers formed in a half-cylinder that have HVAC reflective tape on them and they slip...
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    Taking off and landing from a boat

    Unrelated to topic: @Meta4 - I just lost about an hour of my day enjoying your photographs of shipping. They are fantastic and very well presented. I am impressed. Thank you for your link.
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    Taking off and landing from a boat

    Cap'n KO: Understanding that I fly a P3P with landing skids, I will approach from behind (whether moving or stationary boat) and then bring the drone in just above head height and have a "catcher" at the stern who will reach up and grab the landing gear. Once they have it, I can shut down the...
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    Taking off and landing from a boat

    Most of my drone work is over water. I've splashed two drones in five years of flying; it happens. I'm flying a P3P and have been and am happy with the results. I don't have many of the features in later models so flying off boats gets very nerve wracking as you are trying to capture from a...