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    GoPro Hero 3 fell off

    Housing: Damaged side: Few shots of the damaged camera: Take a look at final 4 shots taken by GoPro. Just before before detaching: Saying bye-bye to the copter (notice that the screw is in its place!) Falling: And the final shot: The camera seems to kind of working after the...
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    GoPro Hero 3 fell off

    Hello guys. I have no idea how this could've happened, would appreciate any ideas and/or explanations. So I was flying the Phantom today, and at an altitude of around 30-40 meters weird thing happened. The GoPro cam (locked inside the waterproof casing) somehow unmounted itself and fell off. I...
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    Negative experience - crash landing

    Hello fellow phantomers, This is going to be my first post here -- I'd like to warn people new to the Phantom and alike and share my negative experience. So it was my, I believe, 20th or something flight, I got accustomed to flying the copter, and wanted to do a spiral landing. It is when the...