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    Missing Phantom

    Hi guys, I've been reading this thread with a lot of interest. Writing your contact details on your Phantom is certainly better than nothing and you just hope that the person finding it is a good person and gets in touch with you. For more peace of mind, I'm really liking the idea of fitting a...
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    Thinking about getting a Phantom

    Thanks Gizmo3000, and my thoughts exactly. One day I hope to progress onto building my own quad as I know that I have the necessary skills .. but I also know my limitations (something partly to do with being nearly 50 :lol: ) and that is a poor knowledge of the components or more accurately...
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    Thinking about getting a Phantom

    Hi MX45OR, I'm just about to buy a Phantom based on months of researching different quads (ARDrone, self build, etc) and practising with my little Hubsan, but your statement has got me wondering again .. Can you tell me what makes the Phantom not a good quad for beginners?
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    Aftermarket Props for DJI Phantom

    I see from this page under PhantomGuide: ... i-phantom/ that it talks of 9" props. now I know everyone seems to be going for the 8x5 Graupner E-props - what advantage, if any, do 9" have over the 8" and I take it they fit ok?