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    Battery failsafe levels?

    I've got mine set at 10.8 and 10.4 ... Usually get around 10 -12mins fly time depending how windy it is but that's with nothing on the bird ...if I'm using fpv and carrying the gopro I set the timer to 8 mins and bring it home when it goes off just to be on the safe side and to date it's not...
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    Post-Crash Blues

    If your fail safe switch is on when you power up the led will flash yellow constantly and you won't get a gps home lock ...could be a problem with your transmitter switch ... Also I've noticed sometimes when I connect to the assistant software after I've opened it up it shows no readings so now...
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    Forward tip on takeoff, and other questions- *UPDATED*

    Re: Forward tip on takeoff, and other questions- Have you balanced the props?
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    What have I done...

    There is one crucial piece of advise I would recommend ...make sure that the manual mode is turned off can only be done in the assistant software when the phantom is hooked up via the USB ... It might already be done but just make sure before you fly ... I didn't and it came down like a...
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    Configuration error

    I'm getting a CFG-ERR coming up and a constant beep but can't seem to clear it..The phantom is hooked upto a devo 10 transmitter with a rx1002 receiver which also flashes constantly ...any advise ?