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    Northampton uk

    Hi I'm near Olney
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    Range Anxiety - What's your comfort range?

    The law in the UK is 500m, I've not got beyond that because I don't want it banned, if you do then you're probably going to spoil it for everyone ! eventually.
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    UK RMA Time

    Like this thread I am confused. I've spoken to Germany but anything substantial was dealt with by someone who purportedly was in Europe, but walked across the office to speak to a colleague who was in China. Netherlands sounds like good news.
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    New: - cool health checks for your Phantom

    Many thanks Eran, all much clearer. Don't want to be a pain but: Why have many of my battery deviations been removed? Is this an earlier misreading reassessed or a problem with the new fix?
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    New: - cool health checks for your Phantom

    Copy the file into my documents and open it there
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    New: - cool health checks for your Phantom

    Eran thank you for developing this excellent tool. I have a number of questions: 1 for someone who is not scientifically educated I find understanding the battery reading perplexing, is there anywhere you would suggest reading up about it in plain English? 2 I lost a P3A in a river, I am fairly...
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    DJI Go Manual

    Please can someone tell me where I can find a half decent manual that properly explains the Go app. I believe that is potentially capable of doing lots of things but without a good instruction manual much of the functionality will go unused.
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    P3 Remote Controller for Sale UK

    I've revised the price to £275. It is duty free if purchased inside the EU.
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    P3 Remote Controller for Sale UK

    I am selling a used P3 Remote controller on ebay for £319 - set up for the UK but happy to sell to other countries if postage paid by customer. I have only used it about a dozen times.