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    Drones at Olympic opening ceremony!

    I thought these were microsoft, like so many other shows?
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    Equipment question.

    Do you see stuttering flying with dronelink? I get P4P stopping and starting (like a stutter step) when it's waiting for commands during orbits or especially ortho mapping. It is improved with newer more powerful phone/tablet, but still not perfect. How powerful a tablet do I need?
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    Charging P4P batteries with 12v-240v invertor

    rather than spend the money on a pure converter, why not just buy a third battery? It will always be useful, whereas the inverter will only be useful in another rare instance, plus the time to recharge the first battery will be way long, and its not recommended to recharge the battery right away...
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    What is the minimum distance Visual obstacle avoidance will alllow in tripod mode- P4P-v2?

    Are you saying you flew in between these two buildings?
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    Rules against having teenage son/daughter help?

    Wish I'd had such an opportunity when my daughter was growing up.
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    Why so much mixed info on cell tower interference?

    I'm surprised the obstacle avoidance allowed the AC to get that close.
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    Professional IMU Problems after calibration

    In case your need to calibrate your avoidance sensors, here are a couple of utube videos.
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    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    Thanks, interesting perspective.
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    Issue with P4P Gimbal - Roll on Yaw

    Walter, why do you prefer the P3Ps ?
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    Phantom 4 Pro Gimbal Protection

    I bought this one on Amazon US. Works fine.
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    P4P V2 with SMart Controller gimbal tilt control

    What do you output the HDMI to?
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    P4P V2 with SMart Controller gimbal tilt control

    that's the only thing I could think of also. Hopefully, I have leveled the camera within the app as part of the gimbal calibration , but this could be a quick fix.
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    P4P V2 with SMart Controller gimbal tilt control

    A couple people have mentioned that the P4P V2 has a "bug or a feature" with the right control wheel. With the Mavic2 Pro, you use it to + or - the camera exposure. With the P4P V2, it tilts the camera left and right. Posts here have asked how to change it to control exposure, I have not seen...
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    Critically low battery landing, why ?

    Walter, you trying to compete with Google Earth?
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    Camera swap

    Use the + controller with your P4A if you want it's brightness, and keep the P4P for it's spare camera. So much work to replace legs and camera to use the P4P, and as Capt KO said, all you gain is the extra sensors.