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    DJI PHANTOM 4 w/4 Batteries $749

    It’s the P4 Stadard. Front radar and 12mega pixel cam.
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    DJI PHANTOM 4 w/4 Batteries $749

    Used twice. Never crashed. Phantom 4 has the 4K video and 12megapixel cam. Front facing radar crash avoidance. 4, yes 4 DJI batteries. Carrying backpack, car charger, lanyard and composite propellers. Like new.
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    Less than stellar experience with DJI Repair

    I'm an experienced pilot - for unknown reasons my P4 just dropped out of the sky two months ago and sustained major damage. I got an estimate for $194 and sent the drone into DJI in Cerritos California. After three weeks it comes back I fire it up and get an IMU calibration error. Try...