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    50% off batteries?

    Grrr.. Bought my p4 from Apple and they didn't have the one or two extra battery kits, so I ordered a battery from another retailer at full price :(
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    Just got a Phantom 3 NOT happy with customer service

    This. It's one of the many reasons to buy from amazon.
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    Incorrect/ out of date no fly zones

    Glenview NAS? I don't have any suggestions, other than contact DJI with the error and then find a witch to cast a spell because I'm sure DJI won't do a thing. I can't fly at my house either because I'm in the D.C. No-fly. Manual mode doesn't work.
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    Post your setups!

    I'm still waiting for my lens cap.
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    Just arrived - hardshell backpack + extra batteries

    This is correct. I had to cut two slits to allow the gimbal guard to fit.
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    P2 vs P3 props - identification

    I now own a P2V+ and a P3P. I have extra props for both. I don't see any obvious way to tell them apart. Am I missing something?
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    I have downloaded pilot 3 times and no director! Where is it?

    It's one of the options on the first page
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    Battery Life Cycles (new 15.2v 4480mAh)

    It would be nice if the pro charger was also a conditioner. Running the battery down to 8% on the aircraft is a pain.
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    This is scary guys

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    GPS Tracker for P3

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just ordered one from UAVBits. I couldn't find a good place to mount it that was 1/ balanced 2/ wouldn't interfere.
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    Phantom and Drones on ABC Nightline now...

    I'm not even in DC. I'm in Northern Virginia, but just inside the 15.5mi radius. A huge overreaction by the powers that be. A lawful citizen wanting to fly a toy plane/helo/quad 15 miles away cannot do so, but it won't stop anyone with malicious intent. If I can't participate in my hobby then...
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    Carbon fiber or other aftermarket props

    Did you try the CF props again to rule out a lose prop?
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    Phantom 3 battery

    We're still talking about batteries, right?
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    Parachute Gives Falling Drones a Chance (video in link)

    I'm in. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk