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    What is the best mode to use in P4?

    I enjoy POI. But it all depends on what shot youre getting, Your second question i'd say active track works fine. If youre gonna use it. you can turn on backwards flying but you will be more prone to crashing into something. endless youre in a open field. good luck and have fun.
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    What computer do you use and software for 4K editing?

    27" retina 5k... I use iMovie to edit.
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    P4P Controller battery vs the P3x

    My p4 battery is pretty good too
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    Does bestbuy..

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    Does bestbuy..

    Sell memory card readers/microsd card adapters?
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    Can you transfer files from...

    The aircraft its self to an iMac itself using the USB cable that came with the phantom? If you can, Are you able to get the full resolution? Thanks Again
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    Help me with transferring files to iMac

    Okay so I got a question.. when recording a 4k video on my p4 it saves to my phone because of video cache. Right? So if I transfer it to my iMac to edit with iMovie will the resolution be downgraded to what the phone can handle? Or can I use a SD adapter to get full resolution? Just wondering so...
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    Phantom 4 Vs Phantom Pro?

    So how does everyone feel about this pro? If its even coming out, Would it be worth it to refund my p4 and get the p4 pro ive got until christmas to return it and get my money back from bestbuy
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    Hello from BRF, Wisconsin

    Hey guys and gals im new to drones and I got the P4 and im very satisfied. Im from BRF, wisocnsin and I hope to have a good time with my drone! Thanks