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    Getting insurance for Drones in Canada

    if you still need it, try these guys. great coverage and prices. Drone Insurance Depot - Home
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    Insurance in Canada

    Drone Insurance Depot - Home try these guys!
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    Drone insurance provider in Canada

    These guys are really great- really good prices and they actually know a thing or two about flying
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    If you're using your drone in Canada, I've recently purchased coverage with Drone Insurance Depot. They meet all Transport Canada's requirements and they have the cheapest rate that I could find so far. Here's the link: Drone Insurance Depot - Home I definitely recommend them for any insurance...
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    Advanced Flying in Canada

    You may need to insure your drone. I use these guys: Drone Insurance Depot - Home
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    Drone Insurance Depot- Thoughts?

    I would recommend them if you're looking for coverage. The application process online took me all of 5 minutes.
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    Drone Insurance Depot- Thoughts?

    Just found a new company which provides drone insurance in Canada. It's called Drone Insurance Depot, found here: Drone Insurance Depot - Home Does anyone have any experience/knowledge/thoughts on them? Looking for coverage and their prices are the best I've found so far. Thanks!
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    Insurance for UAV in Canada

    Drone Insurance - Shaw Sabey
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    New Canadian Drone Insurance Company

    Hello everyone! I've just joined a insurance brokerage in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in drone coverage- thought I would share a little about us here! If you're looking to insure any model of UAV, check out Shaw Sabey and get started. We're really excited to get involved in the industry...