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  1. FreddiesFlights
    I posted elsewhere about this, but as we have some pixel peepers here: who has got a P4P that doesn't oversharpen in 1080p video? Sharpness setting works "fine" (ish) in 2.7k and 4k, but is...
  2. Heliflyer7
    Thanks for your suggestions! I would have liked to have done just that, but logistics prevented me from being close to the actual shoot. I was within line of sight, but not near enough to feel...
  3. Raptorman0909
    Looks like you painted these -- if so it's a bad idea for a couple reasons. First, it will be very difficult to avoid causing an imbalance that will likely result in jello in you video. Second,...
  4. Stacy Cobb
    @INDUSTRIALROTOR great reviews at Aerials robes Cassie's.com
  5. minghags
    Yes its a vineyard, the location is: Google Maps