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Short and embarrassingly bad demo of jello
OK guys how BAD is this jello? Just to recap; Phantom 1 with SJ4000 mounted on a 3-axis DYS gimbal. 9" Props.
I've posted this because you can see that as I hand-catch the P1, the jello vanishes so I'm assuming all the vibration is generated by the AC and NOT from the gimbal as it remained powered-up after I caught it. I have tried stiffening the rubber grommets and softening them. The plate of the gimbal isn't touching the underside of the AC and there are no small vibrations being generated by the gimbal motors.
I therefore have to conclude that the jello is coming from the AC itself. My next step is to balance the 9" props and maybe try the original P1 props which I have never used. Although this is low quality raw video I think you will agree it's pretty bad?
the jello is really bad. its a combination of your entire setup im guessing. first start with the P1, that craft is not even close to as refined as a P4 or even a P2. the prop balancing would probable helpa bit but not a ton. Next is the gimbal, how are your PID settings, and is the gimbal hanginging from rubber vibration dampers like a H3-3D or any other gimbal. Last is the camera. it is a gropro knockoff and im sure it works great but maybe not on a drone. some cameras can deal with a bit of shake and others cannot. One way to help a bit would be to put on a ND filter to slow the shutter speed down on a sunny day like that.

hopefully some of these mght help but i wouldnt expect buttery smooth footage

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